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Your Guide To Car Shipping To Cyprus

Jul 17. 2014


Your Guide To Car Shipping To Cyprus

As a leading international removals company regularly helping families moving house overseas to Cyprus from the UK, we often get asked, by our clients moving abroad, “How do I ship my car and take it with me to Cyprus?” Here’s what you need to consider when you’re moving to Cyprus and need car shipping.

If you are a UK resident and have decided to transfer your normal residence to Cyprus, under certain conditions, you are entitled to transfer your personal property without having to pay excise duty and Tax.

If that includes your motor vehicle, you have a duty to declare it to the Limassol Customs Station within 5 days from the date of the car’s arrival.

This is where Burke Bros, in conjunction with our local agents, can assist you, as we will prepare all the necessary paperwork in readiness for the importation of your car into Cyprus, whether it’s accompanied by your personal effects, as part of your overseas house removals services to Cyprus, or just a standalone vehicle.

When moving your car to Cyprus there are two key decisions you need to make. Are you moving your car on a temporary basis or on a permanent basis?

To help you in making the best decision, here at Burke Bros, we’ve included some useful information that outlines the procedures and options you have when importing your car into Cyprus.

Let’s assume, for now, that you have arrived at Limassol port and, along with the help of our local agent, you have cleared the vehicle through customs.

At this stage the following arrangements will need to be made:

Vehicle Arrives by Shipping Container

Be it sole use or shared load our local agent will arrange for the release of the Container from the port and transfer it to their depot, which is approximately one mile from the port. You will be requested to accompany the agent to their depot where they will unload the car and hand it over to you.

Vehicle Arrives by RORO (Roll on Roll off)

Our local agent will arrange for the release of the vehicle with the Port Terminal Office and then accompany you to the compound on the terminal and hand the car over to you.

The two most important documents you need to be aware of are the C104 or FK5 which you need to keep with you at all times, in the car, because if you’re stopped by a Police Officer or Customs official you will most certainly be asked to present the C104 or FK5.

If, during your initial 6 months, you wish to keep your car longer, you’ll need to apply to the Cyprus customs for a permanent import, at which point you’ll also need to present your C104 paperwork, as part of that application process. Do not let the C104 expire as a fine may be implemented.

You can get more information on import duty and tax on the Cypriot Ministry of Finance website at www.mof.gov.cy/mof/customs/customs.nsf/ced07_en/ced07_en?OpenDocument

We hope this brief overview has been helpful regards moving your car to Cyprus. If you would like Burke Bros to organise all the correct documentation for you and take you through the whole process, please call Chris Starkey on 01902 714555 for car shipping to Cyprus.

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