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Brits Moving Overseas Reaches New Heights say UK International Moving Company !

Mar 31. 2010

Leading British removals company, Burke Bros Moving Group, based in Wolverhampton UK,www.burkebros.co.uk, have seen a 243% growth in overseas moves within their International moving department, over the past 10 years.

As Burke Bros continue to establish themselves on the world stage for overseas removals, they have witnessed first hand the results of recent research, carried out by the Institute for Public Policy Research, who estimate that at least 5.5million British citizens are currently living permanently overseas, with further estimates of 500,000 living abroad, part of the year, either because of work or having a second home abroad. There were lows in the mid-1970s and 1980s, but numbers picked up again in the 1990s. In 2005 alone, the UK saw 198,000 Brits leave for a new life, with 91,000 returned, giving the UK a net loss of 107,000 citizens. The losses have averaged out at around 67,000 Brits every year over the past 40 years.

Interestingly, Australia and Spain count for the most expats. The big English-speaking economies follow, along with some of our European neighbours. There are also large communities of Brits developing in rising Middle Eastern and Asian economies. Even South America is pulling them in. There are now more British expats living in Argentina than there are in the Falkland Islands.

With Burke Bros www.burkebros.co.uk having hands on experience of these growing trends, they’ve witnessed, more than most, the ever growing demands for International removal services to transport household goods and personal belonging abroad. Back in 1997, Burke Bros’s overseas removals accounted for only 30% of their overall business. Today, this has now grown to a staggering 73% of their entire business, with traditional UK domestic and storage covering the remainder. This growth has meant Burke Bros have had to invest heavily in their International services department, which, along the way, has also become a truly multi-national team.

To support these growing trends, their International department now has a large dedicated team of highly qualified shipping and overseas moving specialists covering destinations such as Cyprus, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Africa, Central & South America and the Caribbean. The team are complimented by staff members from South Africa, Canada and Poland, some with experience of working in Shanghai and some with multi-lingual skills. They all pride themselves on their high quality professional service and their diverse multi-national experience.

Burke Bros MD – Gary Burke, commented saying “We are very proud of our International department which has had to really expand and develop to handle this continuing growth. With such a large shift in market demands and enquiries, due to more people wanting to relocate abroad, we’ve made a clear corporate decision to become very knowledgeable and experienced in this complex field of International moving. It is our intension to continue to nurture and broaden our expertise in this very specialist field, as there’s certainly no sign of any slow down.”

Chris Starkey, Head of the Burke Bros International Department, said “Many of those moving aboard appear to be young and highly skilled, with the government estimating that around 4 out of 10 of those relocating are in managerial or professional occupations. We’ve also seen a second group emerging, particularly in Europe, of middle-aged, retired, or semi-retired Brits, who are investing in foreign property. But as countries like Spain becomes a little more pricey more people are venturing Eastwards. In fact, the Institute for Public Policy Research estimates there are 10,000 Brits who live part-time in Bulgaria.”

Due to Burke Bros’s awareness of these market forces they’ve not only made the commitment to build a strong International team, but also to make a solid commitment to tackle the challenge head on, by building a very strong International removals network of Worldwide strategic alliances. Part of that commitment-to-excellence has meant going through the rigorous process of gaining FIDI (International Federation of International Removers) accreditation, which is the highest global achievement in the worldwide removals industry, along with their membership of HHGFFA (Household Goods Forwarders Association of America), and CAM (Canadian Association of Movers). As an active member of the Latin American Movers Association, they are currently the UK’s highest tonnage moving company between UK and Latin America.

Gary Burke commented saying, “I have been making a major contribution in Central and Southern America as the European Regional Director representing the European Movers interests within the Latin American Association.”

The trend of Brits moving overseas certainly seems set to continue for many years to come.

If you are a Brit considering starting a new life aboard and would like to find out more about moving your household possessions overseas, please visit the Burke Bros website atwww.burkebros.co.uk or if you have any immediate questions or requirements, please contact Chris Starkey or Mandy Dawson on +44 (0)1902 714555

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