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Worldwide Pet Transport Services

Pet Transport UK and Worldwide

A Reliable & Caring Service

Burke Bros Moving Group pet services will arrange pet transport service to destinations worldwide.

Working with our trusted partners worldwide, we can offer a customised travel plan for your pets. You can rest easy knowing they are being looked after by specialised and experienced staff, no matter where they are going in the world.

We’ll arrange our experienced veterinary team to consult with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth journey for your pet.

Through our partnerships we will ensure your cat, dog, or any other animal has their medical and behavioural needs fully considered before travelling.


Our Services

We want to ensure that your pet’s move to or from the UK is as stress-free as possible for all. partners can handle as much or as little of the pet travel process as you’d like.

  • Manage your pet’s entire travel plan with our ‘door-to-door’ service.
  • Find, organise, and book your flights for your pet.
  • Advise you on the blood tests and vaccinations your pet requires to enter the country they are travelling to.
  • Advise you on schedules for blood tests and vaccinations.
  • Provide endorsements and vet checks with overseas animal health authorities.
  • Assist with arranging Government Health Certificates and import or export permits.
  • Provide you with an airline-approved travel crate to hire or purchase from IATA-specified stock.
  • Provide road transport in specialised pet travel vans to drop-off and collect your pet.
  • Provide photo updates of your pet before take-off and once they’ve arrived safely.

Door-to-Door Service

Your pet will be collected from your residence in a climate-controlled van and then either taken to boarding or directly to the airport, depending on their flight schedule.

After their flight, we deliver them to their destination, wherever it is in the world you’re moving to. For international door-to-door transport, this includes customs clearance and all of the other requirements of the destination country.

Small Animals
Smaller animals like birds and reptiles travel in wooden crates with steel mesh panels. Our experts can advise you on which airline-approved animal crate is most appropriate for your animal to keep them comfortable and safe during their journey.

Large Animals
Large animals will require custom-built animal crates. Our team can help design and construct airline-approved crates for any animal.For example, larger dog breeds may need a special crate. Our dog transport service animal handlers are on hand to advise you in this area if you have any concerns.

Air Travel
When travelling by air, pets remain in a temperature-controlled environment set to around 18 degrees. The compartment of the aircraft that they travel inis pressurized (like the passenger cabin.)It is kept dimly lit, so that with the gentle hum of the aircraft, pets often spend the time dozing before they reach their destination.

To ensure their safety, all crates are secured with zip ties. The pets have water in their crates to ensure they remain hydrated during the journey. Where the flights are longer, arrangements are in place for the pets to be checked on during layovers to ensure that they continue to be safe and comfortable during the flight.

Road Travel
During road travel, the pets are checked every two hours to ensure their wellbeing is maintained. To help create a sense of familiarity, owners are welcome to pack a small soft toy or their pet’s favourite blanket with them.

Pet-Friendly Transportation Vans

All animals being transported by road are taxied in a customised, climate-controlled, pet-friendly van and driven by drivers trained in professional pet handling.

Travel Crates

Using an appropriate travel crate is a vital element in ensuring the best possible journey for your pet. In particular, the size will be very important as a crate that is too small will cause your pet to be uncomfortable.

Equally, if the crate is too big it can cause a problem if there is turbulence in the air or on the road.

You have the option of supplying your own travel crate or the buying/hiring of a IPATA approved travel crate can be arranged. Our experts will discuss these options with you.

Click the button below to obtain a quotation for your pet’s travel by answering a few questions and a pet relocation expert will be in touch.

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