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Handle with care; top tips for packing china and fragile items

May 20. 2016

When moving home it is worth taking extra time to pack china, glassware and fragile items with care and purchasing the necessary packing materials. Whether they are family heirlooms, essential dinnerware or keepsakes, follow these tips to increase the chances of it surviving your house move.

1. Pad the bottom of the packing box either with polystyrene, bubble-wrap or packing paper. Ensure it is really well padded. The more packing material used, the better the protection. The layer of padding absorbs any bumps the box may receive during transit.

2. When wrapping plates, wrap a few layers of paper or a layer of bubble wrap around the first plate, place in the box and continue adding in plates so that they stand upright rather than being stacked horizontally. Continue packing the plates into the box until the box is tightly packed.

3. Wrap individual items by laying the item near the corner of the sheet of paper, and wrap diagonally, tucking in the ends of the paper as you wrap.

4. When packing glasses, cups and saucers, keep them upright. After positioning a layer of cups, top them with a layer of cardboard and bubble wrap. Add the next layer of items until the box is full.

5. For any items which have lids, wrap each piece individually first and then wrap them collectively.

6. Organise the contents of the box so that heavier items are placed at the bottom of the box.

7. Ensure that the remaining space around the items is filled in with crumbled paper, bubble-wrap, or polystrene etc. This will stop the items moving and becoming damaged in transit.

8. When the box is packed with items add another layer of padding (packing paper, bubble-wrap etc) over the top of all of the contents.

9. Seal the box securely with wide tape down the middle and a few times across the side edges.

10. Label the box with “fragile” on every side and an indication of which way it should be stacked. If you have retained the original box that the items were obtained in, make use of these when packing.

Alternatively, if your budget allows, all of the packing can be handed over to professional movers and they will pack it as well as transporting it all for you. They will know how best to protect all of your personal effects.

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