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How to Move to the United States of America

Aug 27. 2021

International Removals
Professional international moving companies will be able to offer the transportation of your possessions from your home in the UK to any part of the USA either by sea freight or by air freight. Typically, sea freight will be the cheapest option and the choice for moving larger possessions and items of furniture. It is also possible to ship your vehicle(s) to the USA. Movement by sea will of course involve longer transit times. As an approximate guide, if your possessions are travelling to the United States of America in a full container (whereby it’s just your effects in the container) it can take between 4-6 weeks to be shipped and then the location of the port in the US will determine transit times too.

If you have less items and opt for a groupage container, in this case your effects are only taking up a proportion of the container and the remaining space is occupied by other people’s consignments, you’re looking at around 8-12 weeks for arrival in the US. Air freight is a faster method of moving your possessions if you have a selection of smaller items. The cost is determined by weight and volume and is the more expensive option.

If you want your effects delivered straight to your door, you will need to look for international removal companies which state that their services are ‘door to door,’ as other companies may expect you to arrange your own transportation to and from the ports.

Shipping your effects to America does involve all goods clearing through customs. It’s imperative to use a removals company which can co-ordinate this for you and ensure the right documentation is completed. They should supply you with a US customs form which you’ll need to complete and return back to them with a full descriptive inventory before your items set sail.

Employing the services of a professional removals company to co-ordinate the shipping process is important to avoid the heartache of the process going wrong and being delayed or incurring charges that you could have avoided. For example if the customs declaration isn’t present and correct, your shipment won’t make it across the border and there may even be return charges to get it back.

There will also be certain items which are prohibited from being shipped to the United States. A removal company will equip you with a list of these items.

Protecting your items during transit
To ensure that your household effects are best protected during their voyage, they need to be ‘export wrapped’. Professional removal companies will use crews that are trained export wrappers to prepare your furniture using high specification materials. Containers are then custom sealed prior to transportation.

Further information
If you’re planning a move to the United States of America and would like advice on the movement of your household effects and/ vehicles, our International Department can be contacted on 01902 714555 or via sales@burkebros.co.uk.

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