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International Moving and Relocation Depression

Dec 01. 2022

Moving overseas is commonly seen as an exciting prospect. It may be a relocation for work purposes or to move closer to family or friends, moving to be with a partner or just the fulfilling of a long held dream. Despite the positive reasons for the move, it isn’t uncommon for expats to experience homesickness and low mood once the initial move is over. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the move was a bad idea, it maybe that it’s a case of ‘relocation depression’ and will take time and a few special measures to adjust to the new environment and really settle.

Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can do to tackle this problem and give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding in your new life.

  • Reduce the stress of the removals process
    Being organized and prepared for the relocation tends to reduce the changes of the relocation process becoming stressful and this in turn lays the foundations for the most positive start in your new home.
    The actual logistics of moving household effects and personal possessions abroad is involved. Calling on the services of a professional and trusted international removal company to co-ordinate the move will reduce the stress in the run up to the move and give you the best start in your new home. Removal experts will be able to ensure that your possessions are properly packed and protected. They will co-ordinate all of the paperwork for your move and ensure customs clearance. This saves a lot of heartache in the long run.
  • Create some familiarity
    For some people, taking familiar possessions with them to make their new residence feel more like home, takes the edge of feelings of homesickness. This can be particularly true for children, if the move is a family relocation. Taking favourite toys, for example, can help to make the new home seem less daunting.
  • Go outside
    Once you’ve made the move, if you are starting to struggle with the reality of being so far from home, it can be very easy to shut yourself away and dwell on your own inner monologue. Making the effort to go outside and explore your surroundings will improve your mood. Going sightseeing will remind you of why you relocated in the first place. If you don’t want to tackle busy places, seek out places where you can perhaps immerse yourself in nature. The combination of fresh air, some physical activity and a natural vista can do wonders.
  • Look for good company
    No matter whether you involve yourself in the local culture or if you opt to become part of a local expat community, socialising with others and making new friends will be a key driver in reducing relocation depression and increasing your chances of settling in the new location over the longer term. As the saying goes things are better in good company. Joining local groups, volunteering at local charities or even taking up a new hobby will help to widen your social circle.





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