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Making the Most Out of an Office Move

Sep 23. 2022

If you’ve made the decision to move your business to a new location, not matter whether it’s because you need more space to expand your enterprise or because the change in geographical location better serves your future goals, it’s important to make the office move as beneficial as possible. In particular, there can be a really strong correlation between the environment employees spend their time in and their levels of productivity and motivation. So it’s worth optimizing your workplace to ensure it’s as positive and conducive to the well-being and performance of your staff.

Natural light makes a working environment seem more open and appealing but it’s also thought that employees who are exposed to more light during the working day have improved levels of energy and better quality sleep, which in turn can boost their performance at work. When it comes to choosing a layout for your new office, it’s important to factor in the location of the windows and make best use of them.

If you have the space, it can be beneficial to have allocated ‘quiet rooms’ for staff. As many organisations have open plan offices, employees could benefit from having the option of using a designated quiet area if they are performing very intense work and really need a quieter space where interruptions will be less frequent. This can be a good step in increasing productivity and decreasing stress amongst your staff.

Recreational or ‘break-out areas’ can also be a positive way of not only allowing staff to let off steam in between tasks but partaking in some light exercise by perhaps having ping-pong tables etc in the area can also help team bonding with fellow colleagues. Making these areas colourful and welcoming will help to engage employees.

The layout of your new office can either encourage or discourage certain behaviours amongst your staff. Even in quite simple ways, such as positioning recycling stations at accessible points throughout your new facilities to promote recycling as part of the day to day routines. If you intend for certain departments to work more closely together and to foster stronger engagement between departments, this can of course be translated into seating plans for your new office.

As trends in hybrid working and working from home continue to evolve, it’s worth factoring these requirements into how you make best use of space. It maybe, for example, that the new premises allow for more space dedicated to interactive uses, such as meetings and team working spaces, for when employees are on site and perhaps less space for individual work stations.

An important way of ensuring a smooth and stress free relocation to your new offices will be to use a professional removal company who are experienced in commercial and office relocations. Do some research into removal companies and open a dialogue with your chosen company as early on as you can. Calling in a professional office removals company will reduce the downtime for you organisation and help you get up and running in your new premises as swiftly as possible.


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