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Moving back to the UK: Reverse Culture Shock

Nov 06. 2014

Are you an expatriate who has moved home, but it doesn’t really feel like home anymore? It is often common for those moving back to the UK from abroad to feel a sense of displacement. Just like culture shock when moving to other countries reverse culture shock has its own psychological stages.

However it is often unanticipated by those returning home and businesses bringing overseas employees home. Thus, it can make it even more difficult to deal with. The initial euphoria of returning back to the UK and visiting family and friends can wear off after a few weeks, and feelings of confusion and frustration at home can follow.

Reverse culture shock happens as a result of expats learning over time in their host country, they learn to think behave like the locals. By the time they come home they have had a significant amount of time learning new patterns of behaviour and thought necessary to fit into their host country. Simply returning home does not mean these patterns will change quickly.

As disheartening as this can be, you will find over time you will begin the repatriation process and will begin to settle in to your life at home. Fortunately, there are some things that may help: speak to your family and friends about your experiences and enjoy remembering them, speak to people online with similar experiences such as on expat blogs and forum, keep your international perspective on things – you don’t have to fully become British again, if you have been working abroad you can also ask your company for repatriation training.

The most important tip is that your experience of travelling and living in another country does not have to stop at home – always be happy to try something new and you will find your own surroundings might surprise you!

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