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Moving home with children: keeping them happy

Oct 19. 2015

Are you moving home with children and worried about the effect it might have on them? A lot of research has been conducted over the years on the psychological impact of moving home on kids. Whilst many children find the prospect of a new home and exciting, there are some who may find it difficult to come to terms with. As a parent you will naturally worry about the effect moving once or even several times will have on your children. Here at Burke Bros we have moved thousands of families with children, so we will be giving you tips on how to make your house move as easy as possible for the entire family.

Before moving, make sure to discuss with your kids the idea of moving to a new home and to encourage them to speak with you on how they feel about it. A lot of children may feel confused about the move and will find the idea of moving away from people and places they know frightening. However, we recommend involving them as early on as possible and being open with them which will allow them to adjust to the idea, talk about how they feel and will eventually adjust to the idea of moving.

Everyone has the own reasons for moving, but it’s important to explain the benefits of moving to your new home to your children. You may have a bigger home which means a bigger room for them, they may be moving to a home with a larger garden. You can explain to them about the local activities they can join in with. Also if they may be moving to a new school then you can tell them about all the new friends they can make. Focusing on the benefits of the move will help them to feel better.

Let you children be involved in packing and moving their items, let them label boxes of their toys and belongings and pack a special bag that they can keep with them and having familiar possessions in their new home as quickly as possible will help them to feel more settled. However, on moving day it is probably better for the children not to be around so arranging for childcare would be advisable, your removals company will need to be working quickly and carrying heavy objects around playing children could lead to an accident. Leaving the family home for the last might also upset your children on the day and will make the whole process more stressful.

Leaving family and friends might be one of the main concerns for your children. If you are moving to a new location where visiting friends and family may be difficult, make sure you children know they can still stay in contact. It might be a good idea to give their friends your new address and a telephone number or email so they can still speak to each other regularly. With the rise of technology it is possible to contact people almost instantly and video calling such as Skype is popular for people who like to speak to their loved ones and feel like they are in the room.

If you are a family moving with children, you may require the help of a professional removals company to help you move your personal effects and furniture to your new home. Here at Burke Bros we understand the importance of making this time as stress-free as possible, so call us on 01902 714555.

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