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Moving in the UK: Country Living v City Living

Jan 27. 2015

There are many different advantages of living in the countryside in the UK but some argue that city life has many benefits too that simply aren’t available in rural areas. Many people yearn to leave their urban lifestyle behind and move into quieter surroundings in the country, yet there are those who wish to move to a bigger town or city where there may be more opportunities for them. The choice can seem difficult, yet it all depends on what is a priority in your life. We have compiled some of the advantages of both living in the country and city life.

Living in the country

Cost of living
The cost of living in the countryside is a lot cheaper than in most major cities especially when it comes to high rental and property prices that come near city centres, you will find in the country you can get a lot more in a property for your money. The cost of living is also cheaper in terms of food prices and even other products such as going to the cinema etc. Also, away from the city you may feel less inclined to spend money on the latest fashion trends and other products.

More space
If you are thinking about moving home, one thing the country has is a lot of space, you will have better chances of having the size home you want in the country. Properties with more bedrooms or larger are typical and definitely bigger garden sizes than in the city are available. Having more space also means you will have less noise from traffic and some cities that seem to operate 24 hours a day.

Sense of community
Although you will have less people living in your local area, this also means there will be a greater sense of community as you will be more likely to care about changes in your local area. You will also have more opportunities to socialise with a lot of, if not most, of the people in close proximity, this is especially true if you have children and they attend the only schools in the area.

Living in the countryside means you will have ample chances to spend time in nature and viewing the amazing scenery that the UK countryside has to offer. If you like the idea of spending time partaking in outside activities or enjoy country walks then living in the country could be for you.

Living in the country can see a quieter more relaxed lifestyle than living in a busy city which can be stressful at times. You will have more privacy if you live far apart from your neighbours and will have lots more choice for some aspects of country living, such as growing your own food and a greater to chance to spend time doing outdoor activities. Living in the country could mean you are safer as there are lower crime rates than in larger towns or cities.

Living in a city

Public transport & walkability
Living in the city you will definitely have great public transportation, from buses, trains, trams and taxis being easily available, this is especially important if you need to commute into work or take your children to school. Public transport is very reliable in the UK and is relatively cheap meaning you may not even have to spend money on a car. Living in built up areas means that the places you need to get to are often close by and easily within walking distance, no driving for 30 minutes just to go to the shop. This connectivity means you can easily move around and explore what your town or city has to offer.

Diversity & Networking
Living in a larger town or city also sees hundreds of thousands even millions of people in one area, giving you greater diversity in the people you meet. Cities often attract those from different cultures which also enables you to socialise with people you may not otherwise get to meet. Living in a city also enhances your networking opportunities for you to develop your professional contacts and personal relationships.

Local amenities
Living in a larger city means that all of your local amenities will be close to your home. This includes supermarkets, hospitals, dentists, police and fire stations which can offer you a greater sense of security should there be a problem you should have assistance quicker. Living in the city also tends to mean longer operating hours and especially with 24 hour supermarkets and restaurants should you need things late at night or very early in the morning.

Work opportunities
Living in the countryside may not have as many opportunities for employment as cities do. This is simply due to urban areas having more people meaning businesses are more likely to have their offices, retail outlets or headquarters based there as there are more people to serve. Depending upon your chosen industry working in the city may give you more choice on employer and better pay prospects.

Attractions & Entertainments
Whether it is green space, museums, theatre, music venues or other cultural attractions, most cities have an array of options for spending your free time. Many cities have free or affordable options and incentives to enjoy the entertainment and attractions available. Large urban areas offer food from ethnic food stores and restaurants and boutiques providing you with unique dining and shopping experiences. Among the skyscrapers, stores, and office buildings, the entertainment and culture in cities can be a big reason to settle there.

If you are thinking about moving home, whether a move to a city or relocating to the countryside Burke Bros can help make your move stress free. With over 30 years’ moving people worldwide, moving in the UK and office moves we can offer you the professional removals service you require. Call us today on 01902 714555.

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