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Moving to Australia: What can I take?

Jul 10. 2015

Are you moving to Australia, but are unsure on what goods you can take and what you are allowed to take into the country? Any professional international moving company, such as Burke Bros, should be able to give you information on all items you may be worried about getting through customs and we be able to advise you on what to take.

Australia has very stringent regulations when it comes to importing goods in to the country. These are in place to protect the natural environment and habitats in Australia from harmful diseases and pests. The majority of the restricted items are food, plants and animal material as these goods have the potential to damage the agriculture of the country.

We would like to advise you on the following regulations when planning your move to Australia from the UK:

Prohibited items
The items listed below will be seized and destroyed by the Department of Agriculture:
• Dairy Products (unless listed as from a country which is foot and mouth free).
• Live Plants (all potted / bare rooted plants, roots, bulbs, cuttings and other viable plant material).
• Seeds and Nuts (including cereal grains, popping corn, chestnuts, pine cones NB: please note that this includes pine cones contained in Christmas decorations and seed ornaments, birdseed, raw nuts and some types of commercially packaged seeds).
• Uncanned Meat Products (all animal species – this includes preserved meat).
• Refrigerators, air conditioning units, motor vehicles or any equipment containing CFCs or Hydro Chlorofluorocarbons is banned from importation into Australia.

Shipping to Australia: Refrigerators
As a general rule, relatively new fridges are able to be imported into Australia. If you are unsure if your fridge does not contain CFC, HFC or HCFC gases, you will need to check the model / serial number on the Australian Customs Website: www.customs.gov.au.

Goods that must be declared
Quarantine officials will inspect the following items for signs of disease or insects. Treatment such as fumigation may be required (fees will be charged by the Department of Agriculture) before importation is allowed.
Plant Material
• Wooden Items. Please note untreated wood items from untreated wood or bark is prohibited and will be destroyed by AQIS or treated.
• Handicrafts made from plant material.
• Products made from straw.
• Items made from palm leaves or banana plants (prohibited)
• Wicker / Caneware including wicker chairs and baskets.
• Pot pourri
• Coconut shells
• Christmas decorations / wreaths
• Dried and fresh flowers / stems
• Products containing seeds
Animal Products
• Feathers, bones, tusks and horns (must be cleaned)
• Wool and animal hair (including wool or hair contained in craft items)
• stuffed animals and birds (taxidermy certificate required. Endangered species laws mean that some stuffed animals / birds are prohibited)
• shells and coral (including in jewellery)
• Products derived from bees (including pollen, beeswax [including candles made from beeswax] and honeycomb)
• Used Veterinary equiement and medicines
• Pet food (prohibited)
Other Goods
• Any craft item made from plant or animal material
• Shoes / footwear (must be cleaned i.e. remove visible dirt and sterilise the soles of the shoe)
• Clothing used in rural areas which may carry contamination from plant material or soil
• Sports equipment and clothing (golf clubs, golf trolleys, golf shoes, hiking boots, fishing equipment, bicycles and any sports item which has been in contact with soil or plant material).
Sports equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with a product such as Jeyes fluid before being shipped. The same rules apply to the following items:
• Camping equipment
• Gardening equipment (lawn mowers, gardening tools etc.)
• Children’s Outdoor Play equipment.

If you have any questions about the above, or require more information about shipping your items to Australia, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01902 714555 or email international@burkebros.co.uk.

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