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Moving to France? Success is in the Planning

May 10. 2017

If your move to France is on the horizon, there are a few things that may be worth considering, to help your new life on the continent to start in the best possible way.

Learn the lingo
Taking the time to partake in a few French lessons prior to the move, either to gain a basic grasp of the language or to brush up on existing language skills is really beneficial. It will make your time settling into France so much easier. Get the practice in by listening to a French radio station or reading a French website.

Know the system
You can’t register with the French social security system until after you have arrived but it’s worth making yourself familiar with the requirements before you leave the UK. This will make access to healthcare, welfare services and employment, education and other public services easier.

Make a few copies
It is well worth making photocopies of key documents (passports, driving licenses, birth certificates, marriage/divorce certificates etc) and also arranging several passports ahead of the move. Photocopies of recent bank statements or a letter from your bank in the UK outlining your financial situation would also be useful for occasions when you may need to evidence your present financial situation. If time permits, it would be advantageous to have the documents translated into French also as the French authorities do usually request this.

Do your homework
It also isn’t possible to register a child for a school until you have moved, however, it is again well worth doing the background research in the UK prior to the move. This will enable you to then perhaps arrange visits to certain schools if you can visit the country prior to moving day.

Speak to a removal company
Don’t leave it to the last minute to choose a removal company. Speaking to a company who are well experienced in moving to and from the continent will be an important step in preparing for your move. Obtain a realistic quotation from them based on what you intend to take with you and discuss any additional requirements with them, in terms of if you require storage or a packing service etc.
For any further information on removals to France please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01902 714555 or email sales@burkebros.co.uk

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