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Pack Like a Professional: How to Pack Shoes

Sep 21. 2018

Packing up your entire worldly possessions to move home, is no easy task and the enormity of the venture can cause you to rush packing the smaller items. Shoes for example, are awkward items to pack and can incur damage during transit if not properly accommodated; they can become scuffed and loose shape easily.

For any item of footwear from Louboutins to flip-flops, use our show packing guide and pack like a pro.

1. Organise your footwear
Take the time to sort through your shoes and consider whether you want to take all of them to your new premises. If you have an ample shoe collection, maybe consider putting some into storage. Any that you don’t wish to keep but are in a good condition can be given away to charity shops.

2. Keep it clean
Don’t be tempted to pack dirty footwear. It’s worth taking the time to clean them. If you pack them dirty, the dirt will transfer all over them by the time you come to unpack. If you are opting to put some of your footwear into storage- it’s especially important to pack them clean and dry. If they’re packed for a period of time, the dirt can affect the surface of the shoes and if they are damp when packed- this can cause mould to build over a period of time.

3. Use the right equipment
Invest in the correct packing materials to ensure that your shoes are protected in transit. Use clean, sturdy boxes and ample amounts of clean tissue paper. It’s worth purchasing the right materials to protect your possession. Take a look at our online shop.

4. The art of wrapping
A good tip is to wrap each shoe separately. Bundling a pair together to wrap will only cause each shoe to loose shape and become scuffed. Secure each shoe ‘parcel’ with tape and pack into small, strong boxes. Where possible pack in the original shoe box if you have retained them. Label each box clearly to indicate contents and their location in the new property.

If you require any further information on packing/ the packing services we provide or on any other element of the house moving process please contact our head office on 01902 714555 or email sales@burkebros.co.uk.

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