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We carry out hundreds of moves, on behalf of families and individuals, to and from France every year and operate services to and from all departments of France on a weekly basis.

Our Experience

Since 1982, Burke Bros Moving Group has been a leading name for removals to France. We employ the most experienced and professional removals team you will find and have detailed knowledge of local conditions.

We attend, and exhibit at, many of the highest profile France related exhibitions and shows all across the UK. We are a mainstay at the annual France Show in Olympia.

Burke Bros Moving Group have had a long standing association with all the Archant France publications from their first publication in 1989. We are regularly asked to contribute expert advice and articles to their France publications. Here are some of our recent articles:

Removal Companies to France – Our Services

We offer an excellent service for our customers to move their possession to their new premises, swiftly and securely. We can move entire household contents, part loads and vehicles.

We can move you to any location in France including the popular locations: Aquitatine, Brittany, Burgundy, Champage, Paris, Lorraine, Midi-Pyrénées, Nord – Pas-de-Calais, Normandy, Rhone-Alpes and Cote-d’Azur.


If your home contents have to come into store for weeks or months, Burke Bros Moving Group have 50,000 sq.ft of storage facilities and offers two options: containerised storage and self-access storage. We can also arrange storage in France should it be required.

Removals to France – The Process

One of our experienced estimators will visit your home to determine the volume of goods that will be making the trip to France, as well as your packing requirements. Our representative will discuss with you how the moving process works, from the collection stage in the UK, right through to delivery to your new residence in France. We will give you a realistic quote, without obligation, based on a first-class, high-quality service.

Part Load Removals to France


Part loads to France offer a cost-effective solution for those with fewer belongings to transport. This service allows your items to share space in a removal vehicle with others’ goods, reducing costs. It’s ideal for small moves or when you’re flexible on delivery times.

Dedicated Service to France


Dedicated removals to France provide a personalized service where the entire removal vehicle is reserved for your belongings. This option suits larger moves or when you need your items delivered on a specific date. It offers direct transportation from your current residence to your new home in France, ensuring a quicker and tailored moving experience.

Packing For Your Move To France

Export packing for your move to France involves specialised materials and techniques to ensure your belongings are securely protected during transit. It’s crucial for international moves, where items can be exposed to various handling stages and environmental conditions. Our professional packing services use durable materials and methods tailored to each item, from wrapping delicate glassware to crating valuable art, ensuring they arrive safely at your new home in France. This service provides peace of mind, safeguarding your possessions throughout their journey.

Awkward Access To Your French Property

Tranship vehicles are an essential component of international moves to France, particularly useful when direct access to your new home is restricted due to narrow streets or regulations. These smaller vehicles ensure your belongings are transferred efficiently from the main transport truck to your doorstep. This method enhances the flexibility and accessibility of the moving process, guaranteeing that all items, regardless of the final location’s constraints, are delivered safely and on time to your new residence in France. We can arrange smaller vehicles in most areas of France if required.

Navigating Customs Clearance for Your Move to France


Moving internationally can be complex, and with the UK no longer part of the EU, understanding customs requirements is crucial for a smooth removal to France. At Burke Bros, we guide you through every step, ensuring all your belongings comply with the latest customs regulations.

Key Documentation: Prepare an itemised list of your possessions, translated into French, which will be essential for customs clearance. This inventory should be detailed, including the value and description of each item. You’ll also need proof of your new residence in France (such as a rental agreement or property title), a valid identification document, and, if applicable, a work visa or proof of retirement.

Customs Declarations: For certain items, specific customs declarations may be required. Our team will help identify if any of your belongings fall under restricted or prohibited categories and advise on the necessary documentation.

VAT and Duties: While most personal belongings moved for relocation are exempt from VAT and duties, it’s important to understand the conditions and limits. We’ll assist in ensuring your move qualifies for these exemptions.

Prohibited and Restricted Items: Be aware of items that cannot be imported into France or require special permits. Our experts will provide a comprehensive list and help you manage any items that may require additional attention.

How We Can Help: At Burke Bros, our experience with international moves ensures you’re not navigating these regulations alone. We provide personalised support to complete all necessary paperwork, offer advice on packing and shipping to meet customs requirements and keep you informed of your shipment’s status every step of the way.

Visa and Residency Guide for UK Expats Moving to France


Understanding the Basics: Post-Brexit, UK citizens planning to reside in France for longer than 90 days need to navigate a new set of rules for visas in France. This typically begins with applying for a long-stay visa, which can vary based on your reason for moving (e.g., work, study, family ties, retirement).

Long-Stay Visa Application: Start by applying for a long-stay visa through the French consulate or embassy in the UK. The specific type of visa you’ll need depends on your situation. For example, workers may require a different visa than retirees or students.

Residency Permit (Carte de Séjour): Upon arriving in France, you’ll need to apply for a residency permit to legally live in the country. This process involves proving your financial stability, healthcare coverage, and, in some cases, passing a language proficiency test.

Documentation: Prepare key documents in advance, including a valid passport, proof of accommodation in France, evidence of income or savings, and a health insurance policy that meets French standards.

Legal and Financial Planning: Consider consulting with an immigration lawyer to navigate complex scenarios, such as starting a business in France or moving with non-EU family members. Additionally, understanding your tax obligations both in the UK and France is crucial.


Our membership with BAR and FIDI organisation guarantees your money and move are thoroughly protected. It offers our customers financial security, operational competence, worldwide support and redress facilities that give you total satisfaction that your possessions are being thoroughly cared for.

It provides a scheme of pre-payment protection. As payments are made prior to moving, it is more reassuring to use a financially bonded mover who belongs to the BAR or FIDI. The BAR comprises movers that offer a guarantee that customers advanced payments are protected should the company cease to trade. All of this means that if you have paid prior for your move and that company ceased to trade before your move, your payment is protected.

Our Partners


CA Britline are delighted to be a partner of Burke Bros Moving Group.

The CA Britline service is part of Credit Agricole, France’s biggest bank. They are the only bank to offer the full ‘One Stop Solution’ for banking, insurance, savings, currency and mortgage in France – all at a distance and even before you move to France.

One thing they can have in common with Burke Bros is that often our future clients think of contacting us too late in the process, so whether it’s for your removal and move to France, or setting up your bank account in France Don’t leave it too late.

They offer a dedicated English speaking French Banking service to clients resident in France, UK and Ireland

for all you banking and insurance needs

Banking in France IS different, don’t learn the hard way.

French banking // British thinking

For more information or for an informal chat about what you need to consider

visit https://www.britline.com/ or call 0033 (0)2 31 55 67 89/

To open an account online:


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Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct offer a fast, easy way to transfer money overseas, without the hassle and cost of dealing with your bank - either online 24/7 or over the phone.

With over 20 years’ experience they’ve helped thousands of people save money when buying property abroad, offering bank-beating exchange rates and never charging a transfer fee. They’ve even helped customers save the entire cost of their removal charges!

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LUMON, the Property Payment Specialists, have been helping clients make transfers for their international move since 2000. With in-country banking, international bi-lingual teams, and specialist processes including provision of legally required paperwork for property transactions from the French Riviera to the Australian Gold Coast, they are a really useful service to consider with your move.

They have a dedicated Burke Bros team which you can contact on 0044-1494-972-722. Alternatively, you can enter your details and request a call back through their website here: Lumon or email BurkeBros@LumonPay.com

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Move your pet worldwide safely and in comfort with our
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