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Strategies for Packing and Moving Children’s Books

Mar 07. 2024

As a trusted removals and storage company, we understand that every move comes with its unique challenges. Moving with children, can in itself pose a few challenges and requires some forward planning. In particular, parents often find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of books their little ones have accumulated over the years. But fear not! We’re here to provide you with some invaluable tips for tackling sorting, packing and organising your children’s book collections efficiently for your home.

Assess and De-clutter

Moving house provides an ideal opportunity to have a sort through and declutter. The first step in managing your children’s books is to assess and sort through the collection. Start by gathering all the books in one central location, whether that’s in your child’s room or scattered around the house. Then, go through each book and decide which ones to keep, donate, or discard. It’s best to encourage your child to participate in this process and make it as fun as possible, this makes them feel involved and more positive about the move. For the books that need to be donated, many charity shops will gladly take them and there are some other more specific projects such as the Children’s book project that will also be able to put them to good use.

Keep an Eye on the Favourites

In amongst the sorting out, you’ll invariably un-cover some treasures that you’d forgotten about and some long-lost favourites. Set aside a ‘special box’ for these beloved favourites to ensure that they’re easily accessible during the move. Perhaps involve your children in creating a label for this box to make this even more personal to them. This practice will also help to alleviate any anxiety they may have about leaving their familiar books behind and the move in general.

Invest in the Right Equipment

When it comes to packing children’s books, investing in sturdy boxes is key. Any professional removal company should be able to supply you with professional grade packing boxes to ensure that your possessions reach their new home in the best possible condition. When it comes to packing books, in particular, there are appropriately sized boxes for this purpose to ensure that they aren’t too heavy to lift. Furthermore, reinforcing the bottoms of the boxes with packing tape will help to prevent them from breaking under the weight of the books. Always ensure that the boxes are labelled clearly.

Pack Carefully 

When it comes to packing the books into boxes, place the heavier books at the base of the box and put lighter books towards the top to avoid them being damaged. It’s useful to them fill in any gaps in the box with bubble wrap or even items like soft toys for example to give the books a bit of padding and to stop them moving in transit.

Find Space for a Reading Nook

If you have a spare corner in your child’s new bedroom or even in the living room, creating a cosy ‘reading nook’ can be a really effective way to encourage your child to keep reading. Fill the area with cushions, bean bags or a comfy chair. Depending on your preference, fairy lights can also add an appealing touch.

We hope that these strategies help to pack and organise your children’s book collections with minimal disruption and help towards a smooth moving day.
If you need any assistance with your move and would like to find out more about our removal and storage services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts.

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