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The pitfalls of DIY house moving

Nov 30. 2016

At face value, moving your household contents can seem like a task that you can complete yourself simply by hiring a van and roping in a few friends to help carry the boxes.  Realistically it is often not this simple and it is estimated that 45% of people who compete their own moves, decide not to do it a second time!  There are several reasons as to why this happens:

Carrying household items to and from a property onto a van is more physically arduous than many people fully anticipate.  Furniture can also become surprisingly heavier when being carried up and downstairs.  It is also tempting to cast a glance around the interior of your premises and try to estimate how many people you’ll need to recruit to help you on moving day, but you may well find that on the day itself the task is far larger than originally estimated.

Furthermore, always expect someone to cancel at the last minute, or worse incur an injury during the move.  Lacking manpower will make for a rather laborious and long day.   So too will hiring the wrong size van.  Professional removers are used to estimating the volume of household effects, whereas to the untrained eye it can be hard to estimate the right size of vehicle.  Too small a van and you may need to make numerous journeys and too big and it will cause you trouble securely packing your possessions and could incur breakages during transit.

Professional removers are used to working to tight time-scales and know how long it takes to pack a home and to load a van.  During a DIY move it can be easy to underestimate this.  Furthermore, some items of furniture will need to be deconstructed for the move and re-constructed at the new premises.  Many professional removals can help with this and are used to putting beds etc back together.

Moving day can also have a strong element of the unexpected about it.  If the handing over of the keys, for example, is delayed there can be considerable pressure to conduct the move within a shorter time frame.  Professional removal companies are used to these sort of eventualities and have the capacity to overcome many problems on the day.

Even a move of the shortest distance, takes extensive planning. Give yourself time to research how you want to move and speak to a professional removal company to find out what’s involved.

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