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How to Pack to Move to Australia

May 16. 2022

An important piece of advice for during the process of packing up to move to Australia, is to keep important documents separate. Such things as passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc will prove difficult to replace if they are lost or damaged in transit and, once you’ve moved out of the UK they will prove even harder to replace. It’s also worth being pre-prepared and taking a few photocopies of these documents.

Equally, paperwork and documentation pertaining to the move should not be packed into the container as they will be loaded onto the vessel and won’t be able to be retrieved. Keep these type of documents with you and keep them safe but not in a container! This has serious implications on the move and causes major problems.

When it comes to making the move to Australia with young children, it would be advisable to allow them to choose toys to take with them. This will ease their process of integration once you arrive in Australia. Having, even just a few, familiar items for them will make the new environment so much more inviting for them. It will also help them feel involved in the move and this too will aid the process of settling in.

Household goods are expensive to purchase in Australia and this is of course an important factor to consider in the relocation process. For example, mattresses are expensive in Australia. If you do opt to take your own with, you’ll also need sets of bed linen as the Australian mattresses are different sizes to UK mattresses, so the Australian sheets won’t fit the bed quite as well. Broadly speaking electrical items are more expensive in Australia too. You will need to factor in the need to adapt some of the appliances when moving to Australia.

When it comes to selecting an international mover to ship the effects for you, a professional mover will arrange for a pre-move survey to be carried out. During this process you’ll be able to point out to the surveyor what you want to include in your shipment and what won’t need shipping. From this information they’ll be able to generate a quotation. Meeting with the surveyor will be a good opportunity to ask them questions about the process. A professional mover will have performed many moves to will have a lot of advice to dispense to you. Before the international removal company arrives, have it clear in your mind what is going and what isn’t. This will make it easier for everyone involved and will mean that the mover can quote for the most appropriate sized vehicle and shipping container and, if necessary, storage container- to give you an accurate quotation.

Any professional international moving company who are co-ordinating your move to Australia should also be able to arrange insurance for the shipping of your goods. Your possessions will be making a long journey and whilst every measure is taken to ensure their safety, it’s still wise to insure against the worse happening.

Australia’s permanent Migration Program incorporates economic and family migration and is the main pathway to permanent residence. It includes the Skill stream, Family stream and Special Eligibility visas. The only other way to obtain permanent residence is on humanitarian grounds.

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