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Shipping Electrical Items to Australia

Jan 07. 2022

If you’re planning a move to Australia and working out what you want to ship, here’s a few useful pointers when it comes to dealing with household electrical goods and whether you want to include them in your shipment:

1. Compatibility
Ensure that you do some research into how compatible your items are going to be with the Australian electrical supply. There will be some items that are entirely feasible to ship to Australia but may not necessarily work once you’re out there. It’s important to do some homework to avoid incurring the cost of trying to convert the fittings.

2. Budget
Broadly speaking, the cost of household furniture and electrical items is more expensive in Australia than in the UK so there is often a good argument for shipping items than replacing them once you’re out there. Speak to a professional international removal company with experience of shipping to Australia for an accurate quotation. This will enable you to compare the cost of taking your existing electrical goods against buying new.

3. Plugs
In Australia plugs are 10 amps rather than 13 amps as in the UK, so when it comes to small appliances that contain heating elements (kettles, toasters and irons etc), its well worth checking what amps and voltage they need before including them in your shipment.

4. Shipping white goods
White goods such as fridges, freezers and washing machines can be expensive to replace in Australia, so it’s worth thinking about shipping these items with the rest of your effects, but do take into account whether or not the goods will fit into your new kitchen. Don’t forget that Australia has strict regulations when it comes to importation regulations, so as with all kitchen appliances white goods will need to be clean and dry to make sure that there aren’t any traces of banned foods or contamination entering the country. Ensure dishwashers and washing machines are fully drained.

5. Watching the box
Many customers opt to take their TV sets with them to Australia and many are suitable for use over there with some modifications. It will be important to make sure that a TV will packed for the journey. A professional removal company will be able to advise you on how they can best pack a TV for shipping.

6. Biosecurity regulations
Australia will offer more of an outdoor lifestyle for many that are moving there and it’s understandable that you may well want to take outdoor equipment and even lawn movers. Be advised that these items must be scrupulously cleaned as Australia’s biosecurity regulations are strictly enforced and if it’s decided that these items are not clean enough you may well be liable for the cost of cleaning them or they will be destroyed.

For any further information on what can be imported in Australia and for information on our shipping services to all parts of Australia, please contact our International Department on sales@burkebros.co.uk or on 01902 714555 and don’t forget to check out our webpage on moving to Australia.

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