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Planning an Office Relocation

Apr 22. 2015

Planning your office relocation can be a complex task for any business, which is why it will need careful thought and preparation. The success of any office move is usually reflected by the amount of planning and organisation carried out beforehand.

As office relocation experts we have taken the time to put some tips together, to make sure your office relocation goes to plan is the success your business needs.

Use a professional office removals service

Many office relocations can go wrong through companies believing they can say money by doing it themselves and not engaging the services of a professional removals company. Making mistakes when moving office is easily done, for example miscalculating the amount of time it will take will end up costing you more money. Also there are health and safety risks involved if staff are participating in the move. A professional removals company will be fully insured and will have the expertise to carry out your move easily, offering you the best advice on logistics and they will avoid mistakes, which will save you time and you will get better value for money. You may also consider using professional services for other areas of your business such as IT and Telecoms professionals to help reinstall your office’s IT equipment.

Start your office relocation planning early

There may be a lot more to do than you first think, so the earlier you are able to start the planning process, the better. For example, if you know your lease will expire next year, use the next 12 months planning. However, anything from 3-12 months is a reasonable lead-in time and all depends on the size of your business. You may wish to set out the key dates that will drive your entire move. You may wish to give specific people specific jobs on that day and have key members of your business on hand to help organise each department and get your business back working as soon as possible. Make a plan of the new layout of your new offices so everything can be put back together quickly

Set out a realistic office relocation budget

An office move will undoubtedly cost you money. Preparing a comprehensive budget will help you to stay on top of your costs before, during and after your office relocation. Get quotes from all of those helping you move and make sure to go with the best company with value for money, the cheapest won’t always be the best option and using professional services will in the end save you money.

Use the office move to your advantage

If you are moving office use it to your advantage, it may be time for a fresh layout in a seating plan for staff to make daily activities easier. There is no better to upgrade to the latest communication technology and upgrade your business phone systems, you may wish to speak to your IT consultant on the best options for you. An office relocation is also a good time to review and switch your service providers to try and get better deals, to lower your costs and increase business efficiency.

Always be prepared for the unexpected

An office relocation can be full of surprises, but by planning and organisation these are often ones you can be prepared for. By planning well ahead of your moving date, and using experienced professionals to help you during the move, you will reduce risk, avoid delay and ensure that costly business downtime is minimised.

Are you moving office? Looking for a professional removals company? Burke Bros Moving Group have over 30 years’ experience in helping business move their companies and offices to new locations throughout the UK. Please call us today on 01902 714 555.

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