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Ten Reasons to Move to Dubai

Dec 01. 2014

Have you ever thought about moving to Dubai? Over 64,000 British Expats currently live in the United Arab Emirates and it is still becoming increasingly popular due to the lifestyle and job prospects. We have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons people want to live in Dubai.

1) Weather
Dubai boasts an amazing climate with the sun shining 9 months of the year with temperatures reaching above 50c during the summer months. This lends itself to more outdoor activities for people living in Dubai but even winter here only sees a small amount of rain from December to February – very different from the constant drizzle and freezing temperatures in the UK.

2) Lifestyle
The standards of living in Dubai are excellent and are continuing to grow at a faster rate than many other developing countries. Those who are living in Dubai and are international workers are often rewarded handsomely and are able to afford a lifestyle that they simply couldn’t match in the UK.

3) Economy
Who wouldn’t want to live in a country with one of the most stable economies in the world? Dubai is still continuing to grow and is rapidly gaining more wealth. Excellent exchange rates to the GBP and no tax means those who work here can earn a lot more than possible in Britain.

4) Tax
In Dubai you don’t pay tax on your wages, unlike the UK where more than a third of what you earn can be taken by the Government. Whether you’re working for a company or running your own business, you won’t be required to pay any tax as long as you’re within the city’s “free zone”, meaning all of your income is yours to spend! You also will not have to pay corporation tax or capital gains tax.

5) Leisure
There is a lot of opportunity for leisure time in Dubai. You will find an abundance of restaurants, bars and clubs as well as many significant historical sites for you to explore. There are also many outdoor activities that you may like to try such as water skiing or wind surfing with a sunny climate and beautiful countryside surrounding Dubai you can definitely enjoy an ‘outdoorsy lifestyle’.

6) Travel
The UAE geographical location means it is an easily reachable country so if you do move to Dubai your family and friends can easily visit you. It is will connected to many of the major countries across the globe so if you are required to travel around the world for work it could make your ideal base. There are also some of the best airlines in the world base in the UAE such as Emirates and Qatar and many expats are lucky enough to have 30 days paid holiday leave and two way ticket to visit family and friends at home paid for by their company.

7) Education
If you are moving to Dubai from the UK with children it can be a worrying thinking about a new education system for them to adjust too – well don’t worry! Dubai has an array of amazing international schools for children of all ages, where they can even follow the UK curriculum and with lots of after school activities on offer. It is important to note that in Dubai parents have to pay school fees, but in return their children get an exemplary education, which should allow them to go on to further education and a career anywhere in the world.

8) Property
Many people will know Dubai for some of the most expensive property in the world as well as its remarkable architecture. But it is possible to find incredibly well priced homes once you are able to see what is available on the market. Although in some cases it may be expensive you will get an awful lot more for your money than you ever hope in the UK.

9) Shopping
If you love shopping then Dubai is home to a range of exclusive shopping malls and the city is considered retail heaven for both expats and tourists. Whether it’s for designer goods or to experience the local markets which are filled with gold and spices.

10) Culture
There are over 200 different nationalities living in Dubai and the city has a rich cosmopolitan culture. If you are looking to learn about different cultures from all over the world in one location then Dubai is definitely it! There are festivals and events throughout the year celebrating this diversity and the arts are an important part of Dubai and you can enjoy live theatre and exhibitions from famous artists. There are also many sports to enjoy such as rugby, horse racing, tennis and golf.

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